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February 1, 2010

What Can't Google Do?

Last night, I was reading back my post and decided to look at my Google profile. Specifically this section:
I was staring at the "Something I still can't find on Google" part and thought, when was the last time I checked? October?   My google-fu is very gangster, so I had tried every angle to find her - through her siblings, her parents, her schools, everything. I plugged her full name in my Google search bar and voila - a new Facebook page I hadn't seen before popped up.

I studied the picture intently. That could be her...  I became friends with Mary Beth when I was 4 or 5 and lived in Connecticut. She lived nearby my daycare and we were insta-friends. She was in a grade above me so we never ran in the same circles, but we always made time for each other. When I moved to Texas in 5th grade, we kept in touch with letters and pictures.  I hadn't seen Mary Beth since 8th grade when I visited her in Connecticut one summer. We were always cut from the same cloth and even after 3 years of being apart, we still laughed at the same things, made the same pop culture references- we were still best friends.

Mary Beth (MaryBeth on Facebook, which could have been why I had been having a hard time) had all of her info hidden. Just a picture of a brunette girl my age and an adorable little girl. Her name was hyphenated, so I figured, she must be married, and that must be her daughter!  I checked her friends (the easiest way to figure out if someone is who you think they are) and saw her brother's name. Her brother graduated from my former town's highschool, so I sent her a message.

It, of course, was MaryBeth, my long lost best friend.  I'm so, so happy. I've been looking for her since I got on the internet (for good) in 1998. Thank you Google!

Now, I need to figure out what to put in that Google profile box.