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January 31, 2010

Google Social Search

A new present from Google this week! Social Search was launched in beta form. If you're not familiar with Social Search, here's a video:

A lot of social search's effectiveness depends on users actually creating a Google profile. I created one last year. Either I don't have a lot of fellow contacts added to my profile or none of my friends have created their own... because I find my results on social searches fall flat. But, if Google can truly break through on social media (and they can do anything, so) this has huge potential. When you search for a topic and your friends have said something about it, you want to read that, right? The power of peer-review is paramount and Google understands that.
Things I love about Social Search/Google profiles:
  • When I google my name, I find my profile. My profile has links to every social channel where I can be found. I have a very unique name, so I'm easily found anyhow; when I google my best friend, who has a common name, she pops up because she's in my social circle.
  • I can make it as public or private as I want to. For example, I don't have my address or my Picasa albums, but I have a links to both professional networks and very-not-professional networks.
  • It's customizable; you can delete connections from your circle.
  • I love this little map on my profile that shows everywhere I lived (but I can't figure out how to make it international yet):

Things I don't like much:
  • It doesn't include Facebook. Granted your Facebook information is private, but why doesn't it link with a custom Facebook icon like the rest of the networks in your profile? I'm not sure if it's because it's a Facebook competitor or because Facebook doesn't want to be included. It's important because it is the most important network anyone belongs to... even if your status updates are private, your custom link should work.
  • It's at the bottom of the search results. WHY? Who even scrolls down that far?
  • So far, I haven't found anything relevant. I know it takes time... but really does anyone have profile? Am I just that self-obsessed (yes)?

What do think? Do you need another profile to showcase all of your others? Will Social Search become relevant? How will it effect SEO?

January 23, 2010


I started this blog to discuss my work and study of search engine optimization and obsession with all things Google.  I work for an interactive marketing firm and it's a joke around my department that "google is my boyfriend". So here's my first venture in professional blogging, but trust me, I definitely won't keep it 100% erudite - it's just not my nature.  So let's have fun.  If you have any ideas for the content or for the design comment or contact me!