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May 19, 2011

MozCation in Houston

I <3 SEO moz

In case you missed my I-changed-jobs-and-relocated-post, I am brand new resident of Houston. The Bayou City - hometown of things I adore - Beyonce, Shipley's Do-Nuts, Saint Arnold's Brewery, and the Galleria.  Needless to say, I am in love with this city.  What I didn't expect to find: a nerdy underbelly of tech-savvy, app-wielding search enthusiasts!  A true marketing community with digital conferences, tweet-ups, and a foodtruck-catered 4sqday.

When SEOmoz announced they were hitting the road on MozCation, I knew I had to nominate H-town. All of this has happened in the month that I've been here:

I would love to see "first official MozCation destination" added to this fabulous list. Please, SEOmoz, come to Space City. I want to go exploring with the Mozzers and Roger! 

I think your Google search after reading this post should go something like...

If you would like to support Houston's bid for Mozcation - please tweet the following:

I nominate Houston for an @SEOmoz #MozCation - More info here: