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January 3, 2012

Tech Resolutions for 2012

I've made a LOT of resolutions for 2012. There are several that are tech related.

#1: Less Facebook
Like most, I spend WAY too much time on Facebook. It's a time suck of little to no value to me and it's affecting my efficiency.  I vow to only check it at first a few times a day and once I'm weaned, even less. I'm not even a fan of the platform, I definitely shouldn't be awarding it with my precious time, energy or advertising revenue.  I have a horrible habit where I feel like I can't be online for 15 minutes without pulling it up. I've changed the majority of my friends' update frequency to "Only Important" or have unsubscribed, hoping it will give me strength. Facebook is like crack, man.

#2: Foursquare Specials
Not only am I blogging on 4sqDay weekly and help organize monthly meet-ups, but as co-community manager of Foursquare Houston, my goal for 2012 is every week to convince another local business to run a special. Houston needs more specials and perhaps 52 new specials will encourage other businesses to sign up.  Lofty? Perhaps. But let's give it a shot.

#3: Learn to Code (More)
With my job as an SEO, I find myself frustrated with my lack of coding skills. I can do the basics (uh, sometimes), but I spend way too much of my day attempting to decipher pages of code. SEO can be extremely technical and to advance myself in my career, I need to be on top of my code game. I've signed up for Code Year, which will send me weekly, interactive lessons.

#4: Let me Upgrade You
I still have the original Motorola Droid, which loses charge easily and has some severe senioritis going on. My Mac is celebrating its fourth birthday and its disk space is constantly full. I watch TV on a tiny boxset, without my DVD player hooked up (both hand-me-downs, by the way). I own the original Sirius radio in my car (hooked up with a tape deck!). I have a PC from 6 years ago that I need to turn on (hopefully) and salvage any special data. The fanciest console I own is a Gamecube. I don't need anything fancy or to upgrade everything, but I'd like to be able to clearly see the score of the football game when I watch. I just need to be on top of things.